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We're Passionate Koi Keepers at Heart

Buying a new Koi is the highlight for any Koi Keepers and we understand just how magical the experience should be. Here at Exclusively Koi we are Japanese Koi Carp specialists and dedicate our knowledge and focus on providing exceptional customer service.

Exclusively Koi Ltd was established in 2017 after spending a numbers of years building up a very loyal customers base working from our site in Sidcup, Kent. We are livestock specialists and take great pride in offering one of the best selections of Japanese Koi Carp in the country.

All of our hardwork sourcing top quality Koi would be worthless if they weren't kept in top condtion, that's why our purpose built facility is made to provide everything the Koi need. We take the health of our Koi very seriously, all ponds are run independently and we have strict regimes in place to monitor the health of our stock.

The decision to specialise in livestock came from a desire to do one thing and do it exceptionally well. Sourcing and maintaining livestock requires a great amount of skill, time and dedication so all of our resources are put exclusviely into our Koi.

Buying from Exclusively Koi is easy, you can visit our premises or buy online. No matter which you choose remeber that we are here to make the experience a memorable one.

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Superior Health
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Meet the Team

With over two decades of experience the team at Exclusively Koi has what it takes to offer the best knowledge and advice. No matter whether you have problems with your Koi, want advice on a prospective purchase or just want to talk koi we are here for you.

Kevin Bolton

Managing Director

Kevin has been a fish keeper for most of his life and from the age of 18 his passion for koi began. Having been a keen hobbyist for a number of years he eventually decided to make his dream of becoming a koi dealer a reality.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the hobby for Kevin is selecting high quality tosai and watching them grow and develop. This passion has a heavy influence on the stock available at Exclusively Koi and this is an area that most hobbyists enjoy.

As the founder of Exclusively Koi Ltd he made the decision to specialise in livestock believing this focus would help the company gain serious recognition where many others fall short.

Favourite Variety: Doitsu Showa
Favourite Breeder: Marushin

Ryan Stoddart


Ryan has grown up in a family koi business which was established for 17 years and has a rich heritage in the industry. He joined Exclusively Koi Ltd in January 2019 as a co-owner and director.

He has a wealth of knowledge in the industry and first visited Japan at the age of 12, he has been back on regular occasions ever since. Ryan’s knowledge of the breeders what they produce is being put to good use when it comes to sourcing new stock.

During his time in the industry he has gained experience in both the wholesale and retail sector as well as working as a consultant to other koi dealers. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything Ryan does and he will be asset to Exclusively Koi.

Favourite Variety: Goshiki
Favourite Breeder: Taniguchi

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