• Taniguchi Challenge Cup 2020

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    Taniguchi Challenge Cup 2020 – Be in it to win it!

    Have you ever wanted to have your own Koi growing at a top Japanese breeder? Well now is your chance to experience it and find out how good your eye is for selecting young, high class tosai.

    This winter in conjunction with Taniguchi Koi Farm we selected 20 tosai; 10 Kohaku and 10 Sanke which are being sold for £395.00 each (inc. growing fee) exclusively for this event. Each fish will reside at the breeders indoor growing facility until April 2020 and comes with an original certificate of authenticity.

    At the end of the period the fish will be harvested by the breeder and judging will commence to select the Taniguchi Challenge Cup 2020 champion. The winner will receive the trophy along with 15kg of Saki Hikari food – not forgetting the bragging rights!

    There will also be another award given to the fish which achieves the best growth rate along with 5kg of Saki Hikari food. Anybody who has an eye for body shapes has a good chance of winning this award. All of the fish are being raised in the same pond so it will come down to the qualities of the individual fish.

    Each of the 20 fish are now available to view online and they will be made available to buy from 7:00pm on 31st January. They are being sold on a first come first served basis and they will be automatically entered into the cup challenge.

    As a thank you to everybody who participates each entrant will also receive a limited-edition Taniguchi Challenge Cup 2020 T-Shirt. How much better could it get?

    All entries can be viewed via our website in the Taniguchi Challenge Cup section

  • A masterclass to remember!

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    During our recent trip to Japan we had the privilege of visiting Kenichi & Riki Wada of Minuma Koi farm. Renowned across the koi world for their Goshiki & Gin Rin Goshiki, we also discovered they produce outstanding Sanke, Gin Rin Showa, Showa & Gin Rin Kohaku. Minuma are very strong in the Japan Koi show scene throughout most size catergories and this became clear on walking around the farm as the calibre was very high.

    Walking around the farm with Kenichi san it was clear the quality the farm produces, which is evident from the show success in all size catergories, and a testament to the Brothers dedication to their koi production.

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    Showing us various different examples from different bloodlines and how the transformation from Nisai to Sansai takes place the knowledge being shared was priceless and worth the visit alone. Taking Kenichi sans wealth of knowledge on board, something which I will definitely keep in mind when selecting his Goshiki in the future, it was time to try and purchase a few pieces.

    So…. It was time to get some fish In the bowl! There were not so many fish for sale here at the time of our visit, but as we were offered to select from two ponds of koi we knew we would be walking away with something exciting. Bowling numerous Goshiki & Gin Rin Goshiki it was clear that two in particular were really standing out. Body lines on Goshiki that I have never seen before along with really broad mouths It gave a good indication that they had potential to grow big. Asking Kenichi san more about the 2 Koi in question we were joined by his brother Riki who hadn’t come empty handed, he had photos of the 2 Koi. Riki gave current Nisai pictures and also pictures & records from Tosai, they keep such records for every fish they produce. This sort of treatment from a breeder was so refreshing for me ,that they wanted to share this with you and also gives you a better perspective of the Koi and how they have done from Tosai to Nisai. This was the ultimate sales pitch!

    First up the Female Gin Rin Goshiki - Tosai 25cm – Nisai 43.5cm

    Minuma GR Goshiki.jpg

    Female Goshiki - Tosai 27cm – 45cm

    Minuma Goshiki copy.jpg

    Deal done! It was agreed with both brothers that both Koi would stay as Azukari for a further year but also to give us a better understanding of how these Koi develop and see what sort of growth you can expect from Mimuma lineage. Kenichi san then went on to say that these Koi would look different by February, as these Koi had just been harvested the sumi was down due to being in the mudpond, this would become nice and strong with a few months in a concrete pond. Seeing a selection of Sansai at the farm it was clear that these Nisai have a great pedigree as the majority of Sansai I would say were in the region of 60cm.

    Before it was time to say our goodbyes both brothers invited us into their office where we were offered refreshments and yet again discuss more about their Koi. Riki san supplied me with pictures of the parent Koi sets to both Koi and also the certificates to each Koi. As he gave me the certificates he also pointed to the wall behind where they had many pictures of previous show winners and also Koi purchased from other Breeders around Japan only to notice our Goshiki as Tosai on a certificate which he wanted us to have. Time to go! Saying thank you to both brothers I would leave there with a massive smile on my face and it has to be one of my most memorable visits to any breeder! I look forward to visiting here again in the near future and showcasing more Minuma Koi here in the UK.

    Both Koi can be viewed via our website in the Azukari section

  • It's Competition Time!

    It's competition time here at Exclusively Koi and we are giving away a brand new Evolve 1m Shower worth £504.00. All you have to do to enter is click here and enter your details, best of all it's completely free.

    Product Details:

    • The shower comes with the standard waterfall type base to sit on the pond wall but can be ordered with a piped base if required to allow the outflow to be piped to a certain location.

    • Supplied with a 2-inch removable spray bar

    • Approximately 30 Kg of media can be housed.

    • This shower has a recommended maximum flow rate of 5,000 gallons per hour (20,000 litres).

    We have access to the full range of Evolve products or if you are looking for something bespoke for your pond please contact us if you require any further information regarding any of the Evolve products at sales@exclusivelykoi.co.uk

    Competition ends: 25th June

  • Welcome to Our Website


    As we continue our journey which has been a great success so far, the time has come to take Exclusively Koi online with a whole new state of the art website.

    Over the last few months we have been working closley with our designers and web developers to create the first version of our website. We are now ready to share it with you and show you more of what Exclsuively Koi has to offer the Koi industry and we are bringing you a whole new fresh approach.

    This is the first verison of the site and we have some great new features intergrated in the site such as our in house messaging system. Now we need your feedback to help make the experinece the best there is. If you encounter any problems whilst using the website then please do get in touch.

    For now please enjoy browsing through our current koi for sale and we'll keep you updated with our progress via our newsletter and social media sites.

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